Saturday, May 1, 2010

Top 5 blog. New blogs about economy you should know

Maybe they aren't as famous (right now) as CARPE DIEM or Calculated Risk, but they're a good read. While they don't have as much as visitors as former blogs mentioned (because they're new), they'll become one of the top notch of their fields. I posted about Top 10 blogs list. Best blogs about Economy, here comes the Top 5 best new blogs about economy:

Focused in market info, this clean and easy-to-read blog started days ago, and deserves to be bookmarked at your browser.

The name speaks for itself. News with a positive attitude, something we're not used to.

Professors of economics at INSEAD, ( an international business school with campuses in France and Singapore) teach us about global economics, analyzing the latest news.

If stock market gives you headache, visit this blog to solve your questions (But visit this one, too!)

Being more generalist than the last blog, this one cover multiple subjects and makes the understanding of wealth, easier.

What do you as reader think? I missed an important blog you find interesting? Maybe yours? Feel free to give us a link to your blog at comment section

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Top 10 blogs list. Best blogs about Economy


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