Friday, May 7, 2010

UK Elections: Conservative party wins with 306 seats, Labourist 258 seats and Liberal Democrats 57

Few minutes ago, David Cameron (Conservatives) won the election with 306 seats. Even Conservatives victory, they can't form government by themselves, so the next step would be start conversations with Liberal Democrats, key-party to form government.

Nick Clegg expects to receive succulent offerts to form goverment, and they'll decide the next UK government, conservative or labourist. The question is still unsolved and two words are being repeated over and over: Hung Parliament.

Labourists, if finally don't form government with Lib Dems, would be the biggest losers of the elections.

Results by country:

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Due the death of UKIP candidate John Boakes, on 22 April, the poll at Thirsk & Malton was postponed to 27 May. Share