Saturday, May 15, 2010

A rise on US retail sales and employment, boost American hope

With an increase of US retail sales and hiring, American people should have hope on the future.

Total retail sales rose by 0.4% in April, following an increase in March of 2'1%, said Commerce Department. April was the seventh month in row to have a retail sales increasing, making possible believe that the trend will keep in same direction.

James Cox, managing partner at Harris Financial Group in Virginia said that "This adds to a string of data we have received indicating that consumer spending is improving".

The figures have increased hope that consumer spending, which accounts for two thirds of the US economy, will keep the recovery on track in coming months.

US economic growth at first stage had been driven by business replenishing inventories. Now, the tendencies has changed, being more important the consumer spending, which accounts for two thirds of the US economy.

Also, motor vehicle purchases rose 0.5% in April, 6.7% in March. Remember the importance of motor sales: Show us important information about consumer spending trends, and the direction of the recovery o deterioration economy, as we said when we explained the Light Weight Vehicle Sales recovery in America.

On the working side, hiring has been increased too, specially manufactures: Industrial production rose 0.8% in April, surpassing economist's forecast of 0.6%.

As consumer spending, manufacturing hiring plays a leading role on the economic recovery, as manufacturing factories increased hiring, with 44,000 new jobs in April.

Of the 44,000 new jobs, most hiring belonged to heavy manufacture like metal products, machinery, electrical and electronic equipment, and food, paper and plastic products.

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