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Current mortgage rates of the week: May 3rd

Current mortgage rates at United States of 3rd week of May. Click on the image to enlarge it:

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May interest rates:

Current mortgage interest rates of the week: May 4th


HP unstoppable: Net income growth of 28% in Q1

Hewlett-Packard Co.'s, first computer company, remains unstoppable even in crisis, as their numbers prove it

Global crisis... competitors... nothing seems to be able to stop the computer's giant company Hewlett-Packard (or HP). Dived in crisis, Hewlett-Packard manages to not only save itself, but to experience an impressive growth. HP increased a 28% its net income the firsts quarter of 2010. Not expected by anyone, surpassed the most optimistic forecasts.

But how HP increased their benefits?

Besides of (a needed) high quality product, HP not limited himself to computers and started an aggressive expansion into more profitable areas, such as technology services and computer networking. More areas to 'fish', more profit, says the theory. And HP numbers.

HP numbers

- When Tuesday 18 marked closed, HP earned $2.2 bn, 91 cents per share. The same period one year ago, HP earned 'only' $1.7 bn, 71 cents per share. An improvement.

- HP earned $1.09 per share (excluding special items), when analysts expected $1.05 per share.

- Revenue increased 13% to $30.8 bn. Analysts expected $29.8 bn. In the same period one year ago, HP's revenue was $27.4 bn

HP's forecast

For this present year, HP expect a profit of $4.45-4.50 per share without special items.

Future of HP is to expand. Right now, the company acquired Palm Inc (smart-phone pioneer) for $1.4 in a bid to expand HP's small mobile business. Also, acquired 3Com Corp for $2.7.

HP's intentions is not limit only to computers, but expand to other related markets. And, if they keep the same path, they'll surely succeed

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