Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top 10 blogs list. Best blogs about Economy

Today I'm going to make a 'Top 10' Best blogs about economy I've found. I seriously recommend to visit them, clicking at blog's name. I hope you enjoy their blogs as I've enjoyed reading them:

1 Calculated Risk
A top notch blog. Updates frequently, with 4-5 posts everyday, short enough to read them and keep you interested, long enough to know all important information of the issue. You want a proof? Check their site meter to see their 55'5 million of visitors. Or even better, click it and read the blog

2 Econbrowser
With one daily post, this blog made by James D. Halmilton (Professor of Economics at California's University) and Menzie Chinn (Professor of Public Affairs and Economics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison) touch every issue about economy. You can expect a serious work, with charts and statistics you'll love.

3 Greg Mankiw's Blog
The Grew Mankiw's blog. Professsor of economics at Harvard University, started his blog to keep in touch with his current and former students. Now, with 5 years of posting and almost 15 million visitors, his work must be good enough to justify it. Want to know? Visit his blog, you won't be disappointed

4 EclectEcon
Knowledge is better if given in small, high quality drops, and that's what John P. Palmer does

5 Reviving Economics
Garth Brazelton works for Indiana Economic Development Corporation as Development Finance Manager and as professor of macroeconomics at Indiana University. He also maintains this great blog.

6 MISH'S Global Economic Trend Analysis
Mike Shedlock keeps an eye of the global economy an analyzes it. Simply of the best blogs about economy.

7 Economists Forum
A Financial Times blog, wrote by Martin Wolf, Chief economics commentator at Financial Times.

8 Kevin's Market Blog
What if you're interested in world markets? Stocks, currencies, commodities, bonds, gold, bank index? Then your option is a clear one. Visit Kevin's Market Blog

9 The Big Picture
An Up-to-date, neat design, easy to read, more than 57 million readers blog? Then you're talking about The Big Picture

10 Carpe Diem
Professor Mark J Perry's Blog for Economics and Finance. If you spent more than 105 mins looking for a good blog, I'm pretty sure than you already read this one. If not, what are you waiting for?

So, what do you think? They match with your own Top 10 list? I missed an important one?

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