Friday, April 16, 2010

Economy News: Toyota suspends temporally Lexus GX 640 sales to United States

The japanese car selling giant Toyota suspends temporally Lexus GX 460 exportation to United States, as north american car's magazine Consumer Reports recommended not to buy them, as a defect in stability could cause the overturn of a Lexus GX 460

Is important to remember that this isn't the first technical issue spotted at Toyota cars. Last months, car magazines spotted other defects like at the accelerator pedal of 8 different Toyota car models

Since his start 3 months ago, Toyota sold 5,000 units Lexus GX 460 model.

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warren lexus gx said...

Oh! this is a bad news for Toyota fans for the suspending order by Toyota specially for that model which is the most attractive model of Lexus.

cialis online said...

I think it's going to generate different lost of money, because this is a huge company and they depend of these sells, I think they have to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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