Thursday, May 6, 2010

News: European stock market Earthquake, for 3rd day

Today, May 6, European shares keep falling, as European markets fear a 'Greek infection' of their debt crisis. While Greek austerity bill passed and protestors marched and Jean-Claude-Trichet, European Central Bank President assured that Europeans will kept interest rates on hold at 1%, European markets fell again, for 3rd day.

  • State of European markets
All main European stock markets experienced a negative change. By country:

- Ibex-35, from Spain, -3%

- PSI-20, from Portugal, -2'60%

- CAC-40, from France, -2'20%

- FTSE-100, from England, -1'52%

- Swiss Market Index, -0'95%

- DAX 30, from Germany, -0'84%

  • State of World markets
- Nikkei 225, from Japan, -3.27%

- Shanghai Composite, from China, -4.56%

A surprise to all economist was the crash down of Dow Jones, that fell below 10,000 level, reaching a max loss of 9,875%. As fast DJ crashed, DJ recovered, but still lost a 2'84%.

We hope that investors recover almost as fast as Dow Jones, as when DJ reached its bottom level, some investors deserted Wall Street.

Update: Finally, Wall Street closed with a -3% loss for Dow Jones Share

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