Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top 10 riskiests companies in United States

NYU Stern School of Business give us the riskiest companies in United States. Before see the charts, graphics and numbers, we should understand every aspect of them:

- Asset and group are self explanatory

- SRISK% is the measure that show what percentage of the total capital shortfall in a crisis would be due this company.

- ERISK a measure of the equity losses of the firm in a crisis state

- MES (Marginal expected shortfall) describes what percentage the company’s stock would decline in the event of a 2% market fall.

4 of the riskiest American companies own more than 50% of the United States economy, and Top 5, can cause a capital shortfall if they go bankrupt. Also, see how top 3 companies are related to banking. Share

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