Monday, April 12, 2010

Let’s get it started

Economy: The large set of interrelated economic production and consumption activities which aids in determining how scarce resources are allocated.

But what is ‘Economy’, really? The economy (not love) is what makes the world spin. Wars are started in search of economic profit; politicians break their promises and will turn 180º from anything they said for it. Family, friends, loved ones, everyone changes the course of their lives because of money (or lack thereof).

So, we can agree that economics, and a total understanding of economic law are important for everyone, making specific actions of what makes the world spin easy to understand: political actions, laws, diplomacy, banking, everything can be easily explained with a full knowledge of economics.

Why then is there so much ignorance about it? Well, the economy and how it works often is not fully explained, building an aura of mysticism around it, and so the so called ‘economist,’ trying to gain personal profit or perhaps because of their political beliefs, make themselves not only the only ones with the ability to explain economics, but also act as though only they are capable of questioning economic actions.

This leads to an ‘economy-illiterate’ population, easy to lie to, easy to handle.

The understanding of the economy and how it work may be tough, without a guide. Luckily, we’ll make it easy for you, with short-but-direct daily updates, and a view of world economic news in plain English.

Welcome to Economy Lessons Share

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